Ubuntu 7.10!

Well I finally did it. I finally installed Ubuntu 7.10 on my computer. I'm currently dual-booting it along with XP.

How do I like it? I love it! Well, except for the fact that XGI is really slow...but I guess I can wait for the next version. And yes, I must have the extra eye candy.

I guess the big thing I miss from XP is iTunes...I love iTunes, but I guess I can always go back to it...if I wanted to. I also miss my modified Firefox...because I can't bring it back over here, but whatever, I'll live.

While typing this I have also noticed another thing that's a huge pain in the ass. The text is really really slow, and not catching up to me typing. Now, for those of you who don't know, I type at like 100 wpm, and my text is typing at about...35 wpm. That is about a 65 wpm discrepancy. That's no good to me. If anyone knows a cure for this, please be sure to tell me :).

Anyhow, now I'm gonna play around a bit more, and do some writing! Woohoo!

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