What the hell is innovation?  How do we innovate in a world in which everything has already been "innovated out"?

A good question.  And while you're most likely better off asking a sociologist, I'm the one asking the one, so I can answer it.

Well many people keep thinking that in order to innovate, they need to mimic.  While I'm not going to discourage those people (it filters out the true innovators) that's not how you do it, folks. Innovation is a practical way of being different.  Sure, wearing gaudy colors, a cape & a belt tied around your head may be different, but it's not innovative.  

So how do we do innovative?  We make a difference, dammit!  A difference that people actually care about.  We stray from the crowd, but we make a new crowd that people will follow.

See, there's two kinds of people.  Leaders/followers.  While a follower may innovate, there's not a snowball's chance in heaven (really, who wants people pelting you with snowballs in heaven?  Especially if there's chunks of ice.  Seems more like hell to me.) that he would ever want to lead the group.  Someone else can take over.

Then that follower goes on and innovates some more, and more people try to take over.
So, instead of being different (and in the process, be an ass) be an innovator!  Then people will like you.

By the way, innovation doesn't necessarily pertain to technology.  It can pertain to film, music, literature, political policy, well you get the picture.

Good bye for now.