I've moved!

Yes, I have now moved to web.me.com/ntay

I doubt anyone actually reads this regularly 'cept me, so there you go.


I can't believe I missed this album.

Such a great album.  Really.  Wow.  I want it now.


Part 46

Well, I'm starting my third week at RIT, and thus far I am enjoying myself.  I haven't really joined any clubs or anything, but I do have a damn good schedule.  I do like that part.

I'm also writing a project for an Against Malaria 'competition'.  Although it's not really a competition.  I am experiencing a bit of problems jump-starting my project.  Oh, well.

Also, I just got "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd.  Great album.  Drink Pepsi, and you can get albums like that too!

That's all I really have to say right now.


Wow! A month!

Well, seeing as it's been a month since I've posted...an update would probably be nice.

Provided folks actually read this.

Anyway, I've started school at RIT, and I have to say so far...it's not all that hard.   But that's okay.  It'll get hard.  And I eagerly await that moment.

Anyhow, other than that there isn't really any update.  Other than the fact that I want a Chumby.  And Radio Paradise is awesome.

And my grammar sucks.


No really, I'm still here

...and I got my housing assignment from RIT.  How about that?  I'm on the seventh floor!

Well, I leave in about 19 days.  Hard to believe.

I should start packing.



What the hell is innovation?  How do we innovate in a world in which everything has already been "innovated out"?

A good question.  And while you're most likely better off asking a sociologist, I'm the one asking the one, so I can answer it.

Well many people keep thinking that in order to innovate, they need to mimic.  While I'm not going to discourage those people (it filters out the true innovators) that's not how you do it, folks. Innovation is a practical way of being different.  Sure, wearing gaudy colors, a cape & a belt tied around your head may be different, but it's not innovative.  

So how do we do innovative?  We make a difference, dammit!  A difference that people actually care about.  We stray from the crowd, but we make a new crowd that people will follow.

See, there's two kinds of people.  Leaders/followers.  While a follower may innovate, there's not a snowball's chance in heaven (really, who wants people pelting you with snowballs in heaven?  Especially if there's chunks of ice.  Seems more like hell to me.) that he would ever want to lead the group.  Someone else can take over.

Then that follower goes on and innovates some more, and more people try to take over.
So, instead of being different (and in the process, be an ass) be an innovator!  Then people will like you.

By the way, innovation doesn't necessarily pertain to technology.  It can pertain to film, music, literature, political policy, well you get the picture.

Good bye for now.


It's been awhile, Pt. 2

Man, am I ever going to be able to blog with any frequency at all?  Maybe.  Who knows?

Anyway, to list all the things that have happened recently:
  • I graduated from high school
  • I have a new Mac and iPod touch
  • I turned 18 and can legally...stay out after dark!  Take that late-night hooligans!
Also, I've purchased a lot from the iTunes Store recently, and I was feeling a bit nostalgic.

Anyway, I'm going to sign off for now, and do stuff. Maybe.  Or sleep.  Who knows?



Let me just say...it's time for me to get some new albums, man!

I was perusing iTunes, and I found this neat little playlist. Nothing beats good ol' '70s Hard Rock, man.

Well, other than that, nothing new to report. I saw (and now own) Into the Wild, and it is a great movie. I'd recommend it.

Although I wouldn't recommend looking up the guy the movie's based on. It may spoil it for you.

Finally saw A Fish Called Wanda as well. Another great movie.

Now I have to start renting some movies from iTunes. They have quite a few good movies that I have to see available for rent.

Or maybe I could buy them.



March 18th, 2008

Man, has it really been more than a month since I've last posted? Damn. It has been awhile.

Anyway, now nothing really new in my world. I was accepted into RIT (wooo!) and I'm writing a short story compilation. I think I may post one of the stories on Google Docs. Hmmm...

Anyway, yeah, that's it.


I like DVDs

Just got Arrested Development and No Country for Old Men within the last couple of weeks. Needless to say, they are both awesome, and both worth the money. By the way, Amazon is a great store. Nice and cheap.