First Person Shooters

Mate, let me tell you - I have gotten addicted to two first person shooters these days.

One is the old fave Unreal Tournament. I don't need to tell you how awesome it is...but let me tell you this - don't take your game on line. You will get your ass served back to you on a platter with some nice sirloin.

Second is the new fave Halo 3. Yes, it rocks, no, we did not contribute to the $170 million dollars they made in the first 24 hours (seeing as we bought it like a two days later) but it rocks, save for the fact that my brother likes to hand my ass back to me on a platter. But without the sirloin. He just gives me burnt chicken. The jerk.

Anyhow, Break a Leg the sitcom has released Act One of Episode 3...and it rocks. And Patrick Oneal is in it (ed- he means Patrice Oneal. He's just dumb, that's all). And I want one of their t-shirts.

Also - just to round things up - Cheapo my new fave store. CDs and DVDs and Vinyl, oh my!

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