No Country for Old Men

Well I finally got to go see No Country for Old Men on Saturday, and I have to say. I loved it.

It made me think, which makes it the first movie in a loong time to do that.

I'm definitely going to purchase it on DVD just because I have to see it again. It was an exceptional film, and as many (professional) critics have said -- the Coens have grown up.

I'm not going to review it, just because you can get so many professional reviews, and I'll just say the exact same thing they do. My opinion is of the positive, and I do encourage you to go see it.

Still bummed it's not up for a Best Music Oscar, though.

Also -- my parents just bought me the Complete Sherlock Holmes, and I already whizzed right through A Study in Scarlet. Exceptional reading, in my opinion. I have a nice, leather-bound edition, too. Really snazzy. I have awesome parents.

Now I think I'm going to write a short story. Maybe.

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