No -- I do not mean the "

" kind of post, either. You geeks.

I'm here, and I have nothing really to share. I saw I am Legend the other day. Good movie, Will Smith rocked as usual, and it had a great ending (for a Hollywood movie, that is). I enjoyed it, and I bet you will too.

Yes, you.

I'm in a TV Production (basically filmmaking for TV) class at my school these days, and I have to say, all the kids in that class really have no appreciation for the art of filmmaking. They all think slo-mo and hues of colors all over the screen in post makes for a great music video.

I appreciate their postmodern expressionism, but I think only they get it. And that they're not doing it on purpose.

I'm actually writing again, I finished a rewrite of a short I wrote a while back. Everyone, of course, likes the original better, but, y'know, whatever.

I'm going now.

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